Apartments With Garages

Over Sized Attached Garages

When it comes to storage, Aldara Apartments has you covered with our oversized direct access garages. Our apartments with one-car garages are 9×18, while our two-car garages are 11.5×22. This gives residents the ability to have plenty of space for their vehicles and storage. Additionally, we have the most apartments with garages of any apartment community in Utah County, which means fewer cars are parked around the property, making it more aesthetically pleasing.

At Aldara Apartments, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality. From the materials we use in construction to the oversized garages, we go above and beyond to ensure our residents have the best possible experience. Between our oversized garages and temperature conditioned storage spaces, Outlook Apartments has solved the storage problem  for our future residents. Looking for an apartment community that will exceed your expectations? Look no further than Aldara Apartments.

When it comes to renting a garage, many consider it a luxury, but  Apartments with garages can save you time and money.

Weather: It is inconvenient to scrape your car each morning in the winter, and wind can also send debris flying into your vehicle. And time spent on de-icing can do a number on your clothes, health, and attitude.
However, snow and ice are not the only elements that can damage your car.

Your Engine: Your engine doesn’t like extreme weather conditions. Keeping its fluid and oil warm is good for the engine’s lubrication and will ensure it runs well and doesn’t have to work so hard to warm up or cool down.

Your Insurance Premium: Remember to ask your insurance agent how much you can save if you put your car in an apartment garage. Renting an apartment with a garage won’t feel like such a splurge if you can save some money on your insurance bill.

Car Value: When you sell your car, you can ask (and get!) more for your vehicle if you say it’s been kept in the garage of an apartment. Buyers love knowing that a car they’re considering hasn’t been exposed to the elements overnight.

Looking into apartments with garages can save time and money.