Accessories for Your New Apartment


One of the best things about moving into a new apartment in Saratoga Springs, UT. is having the opportunity to start fresh, in a new space that can be customized to your needs. When you’re ready to start equipping your new space, check out this list of our favorite new tools and gadgets that will make your apartment the coolest place you’ve ever called home. And as a bonus, they’re all sized especially to be space friendly but still super-useful!


Every apartment can use a little extra storage and you’ll love this multi-function, free-standing cabinet that swivels, offering specialized storage options on all four sides. It’s perfect for organizing any room in your new apartment … living room, kitchen, home office and more. Buy Here for under $250.


Opened up, this neat little hamper is a sturdy laundry basket. When you’re done, it folds up flat for easy storage practically anywhere in your apartment! And at under $5, you can buy three: one for whites, one for colors and one for delicates or towels. Laundry just got easier. Buy Here.


The slide-in spice rack holds up to 20 small bottles and 10 standard bottles of your favorite spices, all in a narrow, apartment kitchen-friendly caddy designed to take up as little cabinet space as possible. Keep the spice in your life without sacrificing any of your space! Buy Here for under $20.


Bathroom counter space is at a premium in most apartments, especially if you have curling irons or flatirons to manage in the morning. This awesome hot iron storage holster is made of heat-resistant silicone to provide easy and stylish storage for your hair irons while they’re heating up or cooling down. Buy Here for only $18.50.


One day, some genius noticed how much precious counter space a dish rack can take up in an apartment kitchen and invented this amazing one that fits in a corner and takes up hardly any room at all. Buy Here for under $20.


Most people don’t take advantage of the great and totally underutilized space just inside of cabinet doors. Don’t be that guy. Check out this excellent chrome-wire wastebasket, perfect for your kitchen or bathroom. Buy Here for under $16.


Bathroom storage caddies are great … until your roommate shows up and starts filling every available bathroom storage solution with her extensive collection of hair products in every scent known to man and nature. What do you do? Let her have her shower caddies. The pockets in this super storage shower curtain are all yours. Buy Here for under $20.


Some people have nesting bowls. Some people have nesting measuring cups. Some people have nesting measuring spoons. But you? You’re the genius who has all of them in one, apartment-friendly, space-saving solution. Did we mention that it’s colorful and will make your cooking an absolute adventure? Buy Here for only $30.


Enjoy your new apartment home and the joy of making it your own!