July 2016

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  • Growing an Apartment-Friendly Container Garden

      Enjoying the many benefits of apartment living doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the opportunity to plant and nurture a garden of your very own.  Container gardening is perfectly apartment-friendly and a great way to enjoy the benefits of growing your own fresh produce or just adding natural beauty to your patio or balcony. […]

  • Cleaning Your Apartment Oven without Chemical Fumes

      Your apartment oven designed with a heat setting that’s used periodically to basically burn off all of the food residue that accumulates over time. While this is pretty effective, in general, even a regularly-cleaned oven will take on a layer of burned-on residue over time. This isn’t a cleaning regimen that you’ll have to […]

  • Big Storage in an Apartment Kitchen

    Apartment kitchens are designed to be as space-efficient as possible. That doesn’t mean, however, that your apartment kitchen has to feel cramped if you are a chef. All you need are a few of our favorite space-saving apartment kitchen storage solutions!   Hang it! Use stick-on hooks (like Command™ hooks) for hanging things on walls […]